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I am always excited to see what Peg Perego has in store for new parents each year. They always come up with trendy, innovative ways to save parents time and space.

This year they launched 3 products that I love.

1. Tatamia Multipurpose Baby Seat – This chair was not only designed to be a comfy feeding space, but it eliminates the need for parents to buy extra gear.

Peg Perego Tatamia

It does triple duty as a highchair, recliner and baby swing.

With the click of a switch the baby seat slides down out of highchair mode and doubles as a swing. It is not an automatic swing, but just a soft moving pendulum.

Peg Perego Tatamia

When not being used, the spring loaded base folds up easily so that the chair can be stored easily in a closet.

This chair is being offered in 3 colours: black, white and paloma.

2. Si Lightweight stroller – Peg’s new Si stroller is not only nice looking, but it it only weighs 12lbs.

Peg Perego Si 2009

This compact, easy folding stroller is one of a few that will also take a car seat, making it the perfect travel system for parents on the go!

Colour choices are shown right. I love that it is a mere 12 inches when folded.

3. Skate Elite – Last year’s trendiest stroller received a slight makeover for 2009.

Peg Perego Skate Elite 2009

Some new features include:

  • a model that weighs 10lbs less than last year
  • modified shopping/storage basket
  • different folding mechanism
  • 4 new colours
  • 4 new accessories including a snack tray, umbrella, bassinet stand for inside the house and umbrella.

UPDATE: Peg Perego just sent me this information: Si will be available in early March, Tatamia end of March and the Skate Elite in April.

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  1. Liv Scorgie says:

    Would love to know where i can buy the SI from and how much they will more or less be, if you can help at all?



  2. Jason says:

    Any Update on the availability of the Peg Perego Si and the Tatamia?

  3. I e-mailed the rep on Friday. I will update soon!

  4. Jason says:

    Thanks for the reply, looking forward to hearing back from you about what the reps say!

    These strollers look incredible!

  5. Jason says:

    Any update from the rep? Our baby is due in July, just trying to make sure this comes out before he is born!

    Thanks for all of your helpful information!

  6. Jason says:

    Wanted to check in and see if you had heard anything from the Peg Perego rep on when the Si will be launched. My wife and I are trying to plan ahead for our baby in July, right around the corner! We have our eye on this one, but if it will not be out in time, we might have to go with Plan B.

    Let me know as soon as you hear something!

  7. Juli says:

    Does th Si reclines all the way back?I am thinking of it for a Newborn and the umbrella stollers sometime are not suitable for the very little ones. For The last post by Jason, I want to comment that the Si is for sale at Have a look there. Thanks!

  8. Juli says:

    What about the reclining position. Does it reclines all the way back for a newborn? Or do we have to use it along with the car seat for the little ones? Thanks!!

  9. Jason says:

    Thanks for the replies. I actually was able to order it from Chit Chat Baby, they had one in the color we wanted available, and we will be receiving it on Wed. My wife and I are very excited!

  10. Jill says:

    Any update on the skate elite stroller? Like the price and when will it be out on the market?

  11. Margarita says:

    Is the Skate Elite available? Any info where can we buy it?

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