World’s Smallest Baby Almost Ready To Go Home

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Oliviyanna Harbin-Page has amazed many since her arrival on August 5th and now this tiny fighter is almost ready to go home.

World’s Smallest Baby Almost Ready To Go Home

Born at just 24 weeks, weighing a meager 8.6 ounces (259 grams), this one-third of a triplet team is now the world’s smallest surviving baby.

“She’s very independent and high-spirited, like me,” her mother, Jamesha Harbin of Eight Mile, said. Oliviyanna is the smallest of a set of triplets born at 24 weeks. “It’s a miracle,” said Robert Page Jr. “Three beautiful girls, and I’m very proud to be their father.”

Oriyanna (1 lbs., 4 oz.) and Tayzanna (1 lbs., 5 oz.) have already gone home. Oliviyanna is expected to join them in a few weeks. All three babies are in good health.

“She has no specific risks for a bad outcome,” said Dr. Charles Hamm, professor of neonatal-perinatal medicine at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. “Like all premature babies, her health will be fragile for the next couple of years and there is always some risk for long-term challenges.”

“The advances in treatment for premature babies are very encouraging,” Dr. Becky DeVillier, USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital administrator, said. “We’re thrilled for this family and their new additions, and we’re happy to have played a role in this miracle story.”

Oliviyanna will join Amillia Taylor in the ‘Preemie Hall of Fame’ for youngest and smallest surviving babies. The Florida baby arrived at just 21 weeks 6 days weighing 10 ounces, 3 years ago.

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