Craft Thursday With Lisa Lopez: Pounce into spring like a lion!

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Craft Thursday With Lisa Lopez: Lion Mask CraftWe would like to welcome crafter Lisa Lopez to our team here at Growing Your Baby. Lisa has been the resident ‘craft specialist’ over at Petite Planet for quite some time now and we thank them for sharing her with us!

Kid’s love using their imaginations and playing dress up. This craft allows you to make an easy animal mask using simple supplies that you have around the house. I am showing how to make a lion. But you could also make tiger’s, frog’s, or even a bunny for Easter. The possibilities are endless. Here’s how:

Items you will need:

  • Paper plates- the inexpensive plain paper one’s work well.
  • Paints/brushes
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • glue stick
  • rubber bands
  • colored paper

Craft Thursday With Lisa Lopez: Items you need

1.First you will cut out basically the top half of the paper plate. Making a spot for the nose as I have done.
Then you need to cut out holes for the eyes.

Craft Thursday With Lisa Lopez: Step 1

2.Once you have completed this, paint your plate according to what animal you are doing.

Craft Thursday With Lisa Lopez: Step 2

3. Then using colored paper, trace out pieces that you will use for the mane of the lion. Also making a small nose and ears.

Craft Thursday With Lisa Lopez: Step 3

4.  Cut out your pieces and then glue them to the plate as I have done.

Craft Thursday With Lisa Lopez: Step 4

5.  Once dry, use your hole punch to punch a hole on each side of the mask. This is where the rubber band will loop through.

Craft Thursday With Lisa Lopez: Step 5

6.  Loop the rubber band through the holes, this is what you will hook onto your child’s ear to hold the mask in place.

Craft Thursday With Lisa Lopez: Step 6

The finished product is a fun mask that will let your child’s imagination run wild!

Craft Thursday With Lisa Lopez: Completed mask

Check back in every Thursday to see what new ideas Lisa has to keep your little ones busy.

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  1. Petite Planet says:

    Great craft, Lisa! Glad you’ve found a wonderful home at Growing Your Baby! I love this site!

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