“Egg Timer” Test To Help Gauge Fertility And Plan Pregnancy

Whether a woman in her late thirties or someone who has recently undergone medical treatment for a disease, the probable chances of natural conception can now be analyzed with the help of a test developed by Australia IVF termed as the “Egg Timer”.

What this test does is basically let a woman know the number of eggs left in her ovaries and thus how fertile she is. This can help women take the crucial decision of whether they definitely need fertility treatments like the IVF or they can still rely on natural conception.

According to Medical Director of IVF Australia, Associate Professor Peter Illingworth “The test is particularly helpful for women who’ve had cancer treatments or women who’ve had surgery on their ovaries, as this allows women to assess the effects of that treatment on their future fertility,”

The professor also adds that this test can act as a reassurance to women who can know how many eggs they have to conceive naturally. Another advantage is it can help identify younger women who may have an early menopause due to less number of eggs.

The test has been hailed by infertility information support and advocacy group ACCESS whose spokesperson Marie Pickins says, “This particular test certainly adds to the range of diagnostic tools available to help people understand their infertility. As a woman who in her thirties was seeking treatment for infertility, I certainly would’ve welcomed a test like this to better understand my menopausal future. However it’s not the only test that we would rely upon and we certainly wouldn’t recommend that people wait based on the results of such a test to start a family.” – Atula, Staff Writer

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  • There is little doubt that knowing one’s eggs left in the ovary would definitely help couples take timely decision for early treatment. The method would certainly benefit the women who have undergone different treatments in ovary. It would save a lot of time in determining and taking right steps.

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