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10 Baby Shower Games

The baby is almost here, and that means it’s time to throw a shower! But what’s a shower without games? Whether it’s a shower for just the girls, a family shower, or a co-ed shower, guests and parents to be are bound to have fun with these 10 baby shower games.

10 Baby Shower Games

Don’t Say Baby!

Everyone is excited to welcome the baby – and that means there’s usually a lot of reference to the upcoming bundle of joy! This game will challenge guests to get creative by restricting them from saying the word “baby.”

How to Play:

As each guests arrives, hand them a diaper pin and instruct them to pin it to their shirt. If they hear another guest say the word “baby,” they can take the other person’s pin. But if they’re caught saying it by someone else, they have to give up theirs. The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins!

Diaper Relay

Any veteran parent will tell you that diapering will be done in the oddest places, in the most difficult of circumstances, and sometimes even in the dark! Give the guests a taste of what mom and dad will have to do by challenging them to diaper the baby . . . blindfolded!

How to Play:

Set up diaper changing stations with a pre-diapered doll and a clean diaper. Have guests put on a blindfold, and give them the “go.” First guest to finish diapering the baby wins. (If you only have space for one station, you can time all the guests. The one with the fastest time wins.)

Diaper Raffle

Newborns can go through 70 diapers or more in just a single week! That’s what makes the diaper raffle the perfect game for a baby shower – it’s the game that keeps on giving!


How to Play:

When sending out invitations, let guests know there will be a raffle prize. To earn tickets, they bring diapers – the more they bring, the more tickets they get. Then, on the day of the shower, have them hide the clean diapers inside the house of the parents-to-be. One guest gets the prize, but mom and dad will be saying thanks long after the party as they find each new, clean diaper.

Baby Bucket List

This game is a lot of fun for everyone, and it’s bound to help the new parents make tons of great memories with their new baby. Best of all, mom and dad can hold onto the memories before they’re even made in a scrapbook so they’ll have something to share with their baby in the years to come.

How to Play:

Have guests write down all the things you should do with a baby in the first year. These tips can range from memories that veteran parents have (or wish they’d made) to just general advice. Once each person has finished writing, have them put their ideas in a tin, bucket, or shoe box for safe-keeping.

Guess the Craving

Pregnancy can bring about some pretty interesting cravings, and what could be more fun than trying to figure out what the mommy-to-be happens to be craving during the shower? The answers from this game could also make a great addition to any baby book.

How to Play:

After giving each guest a pen and piece of paper, have the mom-to-be describe the foods she’s been craving without actually saying the food. Guests must write down what they think the foods are. The one with the most correct answers wins.

Drink Up!

This game could be done at pretty much any kind of shower – and it’s a lot of fun!

How to Play:

Fill baby bottles with liquid such as soda, juice, or milk and have guests race to see who can finish their bottle first.

Feed the Baby

If you want a few laughs during the shower, this is the perfect game! Just be prepared for a bit of a mess . . .

How to Play:

Guests are paired off in teams. Each team received two bibs, two blindfolds, two spoons, and two jars of applesauce. Once guests are blindfolded, set a timer. Guests will try to feed each other the applesauce at the same time. The team with the fastest time wins.

Price is Right, Baby

For the game show enthusiasts, we present the Price is Right, Baby game! Fashioned after the show once hosted by Bob Barker, it’s sure to be a hit with guests as well as the parents-to-be!

How to Play:

Purchase 10 to 12 useful baby items and put them up on display. Using note cards, put the price of the item on one side, and the name of the item on the other and then tape them (item name side facing guests) to the baby items. Guests must write down what they think the prices are. The one with the closest total (without going over) wins! Best of all, the parents-to-be get to keep the useful items!

Baby Alphabet

How well do your guests know their baby items? Find out with this fun game!

How to Play:

Give guests a pen and sheet of paper with the alphabet written vertically down the page. Instruct them to write down a baby item for each letter of the alphabet. The one to list the most items in five minutes wins.

Guess the Flavor

baby food

If you’ve ever looked at a jar of baby food, you know it’s probably not easy to distinguish what’s really inside. Test the palates (and maybe even stomachs) of your guests by asking them to taste test and name jars of baby food! (Just be wary of any possible allergies.)

To Play:

Purchase single flavor baby food in jars. Prior to the party, peel off the labels and affix a sticker to the bottom with the name of the food. At the party, give each guest a spoon and have them taste the foods. The one with the most correct wins the game!

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  • And while half of your guests are still blindfolded, have them try a spoonful of 10 different baby foods to see if they can guess the flavors. These might not be the foods you’re craving, but it’s hilarious to watch people’s reactions.

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