Potty Diaries

“Long time… no train!”
By Cari

Well, it has been a long time since I have added an entry to the diaries. The reason is that I was hoping for a miracle. However, I am now at the point of acceptance and, at the risk of boring you, I am about to wax philosophical.

Being a parent in this time and place holds a lot of expectation and a lot of responsibility. I’m not claiming that we have it harder than our parents did, because that isn’t true. Nor am I trying to minimize other people’s situations throughout the world. All I am saying is that things are just “different” in today’s society. Because our reality is becoming so streamlined and efficient and full of information, it seems that we, as parents, have more pressure than ever to do everything “right”.

When I originally decided to start potty training with my son, I was motivated by several external factors like being able to send him to preschool programs, talking to other parents whose child was trained by two years of age, reading articles about potty trained infants, etc. However, after several unsuccessful attempts, I had to stop and re-evaluate.

My son is a happy, healthy little guy and has, in no uncertain terms, been trying to tell me that he just isn’t ready to go pee pee in the potty. Sure, he still loves to sit on his tiny throne and peruse a book or two, and we will continue to talk and read about it and reinforce it in the home. However, it is not my agenda nor society’s agenda that matters here.

What matters is that I do what is right for my son. This “acceptance” doesn’t come without regret, though. I am still looking forward to the day that he no longer needs diapers, but for now, I will let Gordon decide when the time is right. Wish us luck! I’ll keep you posted!

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