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Babies Born By C-Section More Vulnerable

When infants are born by cesarean section they miss receiving important good bacteria from their mothers. Missing this, according to Professor Patricia Conway, leaves them more vulnerable to health problems such as asthma and allergies.


Céline Dion Expecting Twins!

Some very exciting new for Canadian songstress Céline Dion.

The singer, 42, announced this evening that she is pregnant with twins after undergoing her sixth in-vitro fertilization attempt and turning to acupuncture to improve her chances of a pregnancy.


Chinese Woman Gives Birth To Twins At 60

A Chinese woman is being reported as the oldest woman to give birth in China after having twins at 34 weeks. The woman become pregnant via in-vitro fertilization after the death of her 28 year-old daughter last year.


Brad and Angelina Hang Out With Pax and Maddox At The Beach

Brad and Angelina spent a laid back afternoon with their two oldest boys and some friends at a beach in Malibu yesterday.


Doctor Appeals Mom to give Breast Milk to her Abandoned Preemie

Doctors at Brunei’s Ripas Hospital are appealing to the mother of an abandoned premature baby girl to come forward and help the medical team doing everything they can to keep the baby alive.


Blacksmith Brands Announces Nationwide Voluntary Recall Of Four PediaCare Children’s Products

Blacksmith Brands, Inc., in consultation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is voluntarily recalling all lots of four children’s products in the PediaCare line.


The American Academy of Pediatrics Updates Recommendations On Water Safety

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their recommended guidelines for water safety and drowning prevention for children. The update is based on new information on drowning and safety, and should be followed by all parents.


Woman Gives Birth on Carnival Cruise Ship

There was a bit of vacation excitement this week when a passenger onboard Carnival’s Paradise Cruise ship needed to be evacuated from the ship on Thursday afternoon because she gave birth prematurely.


President’s Cancer Panel Finds Babies Are Born Polluted

Researchers for the President’s Cancer Panel have found over 300 contaminants in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies. These findings have led to the experts declaring that babies are born “pre-polluted”.


Isla and Olive Enjoy Some Pinkberry!

An expectant Isla Fisher was seen out yesterday treating daughter Olive to some Pinkberry after her weekly dance class!


Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good?

The Environmental Working Group’s annual report on sunscreen was released this week. Citing poor regulation, overstated claims and the possibility of increased cancer risk; the report is enough to leave parents wondering if it’s wise to slather their children in sun block, after all.