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Messy Winter Days! How Are You Keeping Your Kids Entertained?

This Winter has been a mix of slush and snow. It has gone between -14 to +6 in the last 10 days and somewhere in between we’ve had a lots of messy days.

Because I’m not really a jump in the puddles kind of mom we’ve been spending a lot of time indoors and I have to say the kids are climbing the walls.


Japanese Toy Maker To Introduce A Doll The Cries When It’s Injected

Filed under OMG, a Japanese toymaker is set to introduce a doll that cries tears when it is injected with a syringe.


Jane Krakowski & Son Bennett Depart LA

Jane Krakowski was photographed at the airport with her son Bennett heading back to New York City after a weekend in LA for the SAG awards.


Outdoor Luxury ~ Smartplayhouse Illinois Playhouse

Designed with eight large windows, the Smartplayhouse Illinois Playhouse is a departure from the plastic or wooden structures often seen in most backyards.


Majority of Parents Skip Booster Seats While Carpooling

According to a study, conducted by the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, almost half of parents will allow their children to ride in a regular seatbelt while carpooling. This applied, even if the parent regularly used a booster seat in their own vehicle.


More Moms Choosing to Give Birth at Home

When it comes to the preferred place of birth, more and more moms are choosing the comfort of their homes to welcome their baby into the world, finds a new study. The research found that though homebirths declined from 1990 to 2004, they jumped by 29 percent from 2004 to 2009. But the overall percentage […]


Jenna Fisher Struggling To Lose Baby Weight

Most celebrities are quick to step out after baby to debut a better than before shape so the world can ooh and ahhh about how amazing they are for looking so fabulous just weeks after delivering. But not Jenna Fisher.


Doctors find Parasitic Twin Inside Boy’s Stomach

When three year old Isbac was brought to a hospital in Peru by his father complaining of stomach pain, they never thought that the doctors would find a ‘parasitic twin’ inside the boy’s tummy. Called ‘fetus in fetu’ the tissues will be surgically removed today.


Family Day! Liev & Naomi Play At The Beach With Their Boys

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber enjoyed a day of fun in the sun over the weekend with their boys Sammy and Sasha at the beach in Australia.


Jennifer Garner Drops Her Little Ballerina Off At Class

A pregnant Jennifer Garner was spotted dropping her oldest daughter Violet and some friends off at ballet class yesterday.


Incredible Kid’s Loft Beds ~ Battistella Klou XL

During a moment of dreaming, I came across this collection by Italian furniture company Battistella Klou XL. Created for kids and teens, these bunk and bridge designs are everything a child could ever want in a bedroom.