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Switched At Birth: South African Mom Refuses To Give Daughter Back To Biological Mother

Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction. In a strange twist that you’d expect to see in a movie, two South African mothers recently discovered that they were raising each others biological daughters, after they realized the two girls were switched at birth nearly four years ago.


Fathers Who Do Chores at Home Inspire Daughters to Set Higher Career Sights

While there’s nothing wrong with being a teacher, a nurse, or a stay-at-home mother, we parents want to be sure we’re giving our children the best opportunities in life. For some girls, that means being a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, or the CEO of a high-powered company. The gateway to seeing our daughters set those goals may rest in the hands of their fathers, a recent study says.


New Study Shows Infant’s Immune Systems Found To Be Stronger Than Originally Believed

Anytime a new tummy bug comes around, experts warn that those most susceptible to the germs are generally the elderly and infants. But a new study from Cornell University has found that infant’s immune systems are actually rather strong. However, the immunities that infant’s bodies create often don’t last too long.


Brains of Gay Fathers Develop Similar to Those of Heterosexual Mothers AND Fathers, Study Finds

Many adoptions agencies are hesitant to approve same sex couples for adoption, and some states outlaw same sex couple adoptions altogether. While there’s no real “reason” given for the stigma placed on these couples, there’s now one less reason for them to deny same sex couples the same opportunity as heterosexual couples.


11 Month-Old Girl Sent Para-Sailing Alone

Parents of an eleven month-old from India are coming under fire after sending their daughter on a solo para-sailing trip last Wednesday. The toddler, Niya Nisam loudly protested the situation by screaming and crying, but still her parents pressed on, forcing the child to go through with the ordeal.


Flame Retardant Exposure During Pregnancy May Lower IQ of Five Year Olds

A new study correlates the exposure to flame retardants during pregnancy to lower IQ in five year old children. The research conducted by Simon Fraser University, and published online today in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives also found that children tend to become hyperactive due to this prenatal exposure.


Woman Becomes Oldest Mom to Give Birth with Her Own Egg at 46

At 46 years of age she became a mother to a beautiful baby boy. And what makes this birth incredibly special is that the baby was born without a donor egg or a frozen egg, but a fresh egg, making Belinda Slaughter the oldest mom to conceive this way.


Male Infertility Not Receiving Adequate Attention in the States, Experts Say

In the United States, women sometimes still viewed as “responsible” for the reproduction process. This starts at conception and carries all the way into the child’s adult life. But the reality is, it takes two components to make a baby – sperm and an egg. And male infertility is just as common as female infertility. So, experts say it’s time we start talking about it.


Vivian Brady Accompanies Her Mom to Chanel Commercial Set

Gisele Bundchen may be a hard working mama but she is never far from her children. The new face of Chanel No. 5, the super model was photographed in New York City on Wednesday en route to a commercial shoot for the line with her 17-month-old daughter Vivian.


A Very Pregnant Jacqui Ainsley Attends Premiere With fiancé Guy Ritchie

Date night! Director Guy Ritchie was photographed on the red carpet at the Edge of Tomorrow premiere in London’s Leicester Square with his very pregnant partner Jacqui Ainsley.


Researchers Work To Determine Why Premature Baby Girls Have Better Survival Odds Than Boys

While the survival rates of babies born 26 weeks, and later are 80% and higher, the child’s gender and ethnicity also plays a part . In fact in the past it has been found that African American girls born weighing 2.2 pounds or less are more than twice as likely to survive as white baby boys born at the same weight. But why? A research team from the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute is looking to determine that very fact.