23 Weeker Defies The Odds With 5% Chance Of Survival

When Kaven Gainey was born at the University Hospital of Wales weighing 1lb 6oz (0.62kg), his parents were warned to prepare for the worst.

The doctors gave him just a 5% chance of survival from birth because of his early arrival.

When Kaven was born at 23 weeks, he was classified as extremely premature, with a dangerously low birth weight.

Kaven Gainey aged eight months
Eight months on Kaven has put on weight and is developing well

His life was in danger because of a bowel infection and he was kept in hospital for five months.

Kaven’s mother Victoria Simmonds said: “When I look back now I don’t know how we got through it, but obviously we had to.

“We had to keep going because Kaven was obviously fighting for survival.”

Ms Simmonds explained she and Kaven’s father, Lawrence, had to leave the hospital about one week after the baby was born.

“It was so horrible walking out of the hospital without Kaven, but the nurses would phone me at home, and I could phone 24 hours,” she said.

“Me and Lawrence could come in whenever we wanted to and they basically treated Kaven like their own child.”

Victoria Simmonds, Lawrence Gainey and their son Kaven
We had a lot of hazards to watch out for, and he’s overcome a lot of those already
Lawrence Gainey, father

Kaven was finally allowed home last October, but his parents were told they may still face hurdles ahead.

They were warned by consultant Mark Drayton that as infants develop sometimes problems could emerge.

“The future’s still uncertain,” said Mr Gainey.

“He came home on a lot of medication and we had a lot of hazards to watch out for, and he’s overcome a lot of those already.

“There’s one main concern which we have. Kav may have a weakness on his left side but that’s still uncertain, and only time will tell really,” he added.

The important thing is that he made it home. He will probably thrive more at home with his parents than at the hospital where it’s all about procedures and shift changes. Once parents get their babies home they can do more with them in terms to development and care.



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