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Mom Of 13 Achieves Prebirth Weight in Just 5 days

Some women struggle to lose the baby weight and others seem to be blessed with good genetics.

A UK mom has returned to her pre-baby weight just 5 days after delivering her 14th baby.(The couple currently has 13 children, 1 of their babies was born prematurely and didn’t survive)

Following the birth of her last daughter Tallulah, Joanne Watson is already back to her normal weight of 103lbs and has no problem squeezing into a pair of size six jeans.

At her heaviest during pregnancy, the super mom, weighed just 112lbs, with the baby accounting for 6lbs.

The 5’2” mom’s secret?

“I suppose I’m running around a lot after the children, taking them to school, making their meals and taking them shopping or for walks in the park so they keep me pretty fit.”

I know your all thinking it…I WISH!!


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