24-Year-Old Woman Kristina Ozturk Is Mom to 22 Children With Husband

At just 24-years-old Kristina Ozturk is already a mom to 22 children. How – you ask?

Kristina and millionaire businessman husband Galip, 57, have paid almost $200,000 to surrogates to have 21 babies between March last year and July this year. The babies range in age from 19 months to three months.

Kristina and millionaire businessman husband Galip

Kristina and her husband Galip with their babies.

It was not revealed if the babies are biological to her and her husband, or if they were born through donor eggs/sperm.

They are Mustafa, 19 months; Mariam, 18 months; Ayrin, 18 months; Alisa, 18 months; Hasan, 17 months; Judi, 17 months; Harper, 16 months; Teresa, 16 months; Huseyin, 16 months and Anna, 15 months, Isabella, 15 months; Ismail, 14 months; Mehmet, 14 months; Ahmet, 14 months; Ali, 13 months; Kristina, 13 months; Sara, one; Lokman, one; Galip, 11 months; Olivia, nine months and Judy, three months.

Kristina Ozturk with her babies


In order to ensure the babies have the best care, the couple pays $96,000 to employ 16 live-in nannies who work around the clock to care for the children. They work four days on, with two days off, and all stay in the home, with bedrooms near the kids.

Kristina Ozturk's babies


The couple spends $6,000 a week on essentials for the babies, which includes 20 large packages of diapers/week, and 53 packs of baby formula.  The does not include the need for at least 10 double strollers,  15-20 high chairs, 8 Baby Bjorn bouncers, baby walkers, 20 cribs, 10 baby bottle warmers, baby food prep machines.  The amount of gear needed to care for this many children is endless. 

They live in a 3-story mansion with Kristina’s six-year-old daughter Victoria, from a previous relationship, and one of Galip’s nine older children.

The busy mom documents her day on her Instagram under the handle of Batumi_mama.  She shows what outings look like and he one on one days with some of the children.  One of the babies Alena has special needs and lives with nannies in Istanbul where she is receiving treatment.  Kristina has not opened up about the treatment her daughter receives, but only that they are separated. 

Kristina Ozturk


How many children do the couple want?  In her Instagram bio, she says.  Will there be 105 children?


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