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3-Year-Old Travels 15 Miles Solo To Ride On Airplane

An adventurous Polish toddler traveled 15-miles to the airport on his own because his mom worked near the airport and ” he had always wanted to fly in one of the planes he had seen from her office.’

Three-year-old Mikolaj Sobolewski unlocked the front door of his parents’ home and got onto a bus from a stop outside their house to take him to Okecie airport in Warsaw.

He was only grounded when police spotted him in the departure lounge.

“His parents were very relieved to see him but there is no suggestion of negligence on their part.”

This is very scary. I don’t even want my son going off our lawn let alone boarding a bus and heading to the airport…

Didn’t the bus driver think it was odd he was unaccompanied?



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