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3 Year Old Surprises Everyone When She Drives Car

Police in Bulgaria are investigating after a three year old girl “drove” her dad’s car half a mile through a busy market.

Karolina Gjursel climbed into the driving seat of his automatic when her 27-year-old dad Gjunai got out at a street market in the town of Beli Lom in east Bulgaria and left his keys in the car.

The toddler turned on the engine, pressed her foot on the accelerator and drove off with her four and six-year-old cousins also in the car.

She went half a mile before ploughing into a river where the three kids were hauled out unhurt by passers-by who saw what had happened.

A police spokesman said:

“It was completely irresponsible for a parent to leave children in a car with the keys in the ignition and it is a cause for concern that such a young child appeared to know not only how to start a car but to somehow drive it.”

Wow! Three years old?? She is giving them a run for their money early.

I remember our across-the-street neighbour left their car running one time. Their son got in and backed it out of the driveway and onto our front lawn. The fire hydrant stopped it from taking out my mom’s garden.



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