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32 Weeker Survives Falling Out Of A Moving Train

This is one of the craziest stories I have read in a long time!!

Bhuri Kalbi was traveling by train with her relatives to a medical check-up. She felt very weak on the toilet seat and passed out. While unconscious, her tiny baby, which weighed just 3 lbs, slipped from the womb into the toilet tube and crash-landed on rocks between two steel tracks.

The next thing she remembers is people knocking on the toilet door.

When she managed to get up to open the latched door, she realised an emptiness in her stomach. “I realised my stomach was flat. My child was gone,” said Bhuri whose husband works in a packaging unit in Ahmedabad.

Bhuri’s brother-in-law Arjun said when she opened the door she was semiconscious. He realised with complete shock what had happened. “We immediately pulled the chain at Kalol, two stations away from where the child had slipped off and alerted the train guard,” he said.

Luckily the baby feel just feet from a station, where the railwaymen bundled the baby and called the hospital.

The baby was lying dangerously close to the left track with the umbilical cord hanging by the side,” Station master KK Rai said.

While the newborn was being examined, a call came, saying the parents had been found.

The parents have since been re-united with baby, who has been left without a scratch after the ‘providential escape’.

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