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34 Week Baby: Pronounced Dead, Then Found Alive

This is the second time I have covered this type of story.

A UK woman went into labor prematurely last week and gave birth to a baby in her home, where paramedics found it and pronounced the newborn dead.

An American Medical Response ambulance arrived at 5:20 a.m., where paramedics found Jessica Gonzalez unconscious on the bathroom floor, Officer Dale Eubanks said. They found the newborn baby in the toilet and checked his vital signs while firefighters took the woman from the bathroom to the ambulance, he said.

Paramedics initially thought the baby was dead, and they placed him and some towels in a pink wash basin they found in the bathroom, then placed the basin in a box, Eubanks said. Mother and baby were then taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, an employee was checking on the baby’s body when she heard a “weak cry,” Eubanks said. Hospital workers immediately started treatment on the baby boy.

The baby is currently in hospital and in stable condition

The saddest part of the story and the reason the mom probably went into preterm labour: The mother is facing two felony counts of child abuse after tests showed methamphetamine and marijuana in the baby’s blood.

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