Potty Diaries

“To Train or not to Train”
by Cari

I first began thinking about potty training when my son, Gordon, hit the 18 month mark. Stories of other children who were out of diapers at a year old served as motivation as well as the fact that I am a teacher with two months at home in the summer to serve as #1 potty-training coach. There were many things to consider, like the fact that Gordon doesn’t speak yet (would he be able to tell me he has to go potty?), the possibility of signing him up for a preschool program once a week to meet other kids (would he have to be out of diapers to attend?), and the implications for my mother-in-law who watches Gordon when my husband and I are working (is it too much to ask?).

After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to take a very casual approach and just test the waters. So, with Gordon in tow, I headed out to Wal-Mart and, with Gordon’s help, picked out a simple, blue potty that transforms from a traditional potty to a step stool and potty attachment for a regular toilet. We were both very excited.


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