3D Model Gives Blind Mom The Chance to Feel Her Unborn Child

Huggies Brazil is tugging at our heart strings with the introduction of a new video that shows a mom-to-be experiencing her ultrasound in a unique way.

3D fetus models aren’t new but Huggies presents the moment in a way that makes the technology so much more incredible.  The film, entitled “Huggies Presents: Meeting Murilo,” uses the tagline: “Every mom deserves to embrace each moment,” while showing a blind mom during a second trimester ultrasound.

Tatiana Guerra - ultrasound

When Tatiana Guerra was 17 she lost her sight.  Thirty-years-old, and 20 weeks pregnant the mom-to-be can’t wait to feel her baby’s hands, feet and little face.  But unlike many of us, she can’t see the baby on the ultrasound screen.  During a routine scan she can be seen asking the doctor what the baby looks like, as he sweetly describes what he sees.

While using a 3d mobile printing system, the doctor creates something incredible for Tatiana.  Watch the video below and grab a tissue…


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