4-Year-Old Art Prodigy Exhibits Her Collection in NYC

How does a typical four year old usually spend his time? Playing with friends, laughing, singing, dancing, and occasionally scribbling with colors. But for four year old Aelita Andre colors are not just playtime fun but her greatest treasures. The child prodigy is being taken so seriously in the art world that Aelita opened her first solo art exhibit called The Prodigy of Color at the Agora Gallery in Manhattan on Saturday.

The little artist’s work has been so stunning that even before the opening day, she sold four of her paintings for £6,000 each and another five on the day it was displayed to public.

Using vibrant colors, colorful mixes and often including a child’s toy into her paintings, Aelita comes up with unique displays and art that somehow retain the childlike innocence in them and yet seems to have been done by a great artist.

Aelita is of Russian heritage and lives with her parents Michael Andre and Nikka Kalashnikova  in Melbourne. Both paint as a hobby and it is definitely her genes that have contributed to her love for colors. But even then a child painting huge canvases right from the age of twenty months is an amazing feat.

Her father recalls how one day he had laid a canvas on the floor to paint. Little Aelita crawled on it and started painting. He says,

“As soon as she finished her first acrylic on canvas, I saw the MIR Russian Space Station surrounded by cherry blossoms. It was just so poignant and evocative.”

She is so obsessed with her passion that the four year old is always asking for her paint colors and brushes.
Leading Australian newspapers, the Sydney Herald and the The Age published front page coverage of the artist simultaneously.

At her first solo exhibition, Aelita was busy explaining her paintings with her natural childlike innocence. For one of  her paintings titled The Dog & the Alien she said,

“That is the river. That is the boat with the oar and the rainbow. That’s the baby bird coming to his own mummy.”

Her father says that Aelita has not been given any education on art and everything she does is a natural expression.

“There’s no education, no understanding of art history or art movements, no intimidation, thinking ‘I’m in the shadow of Picasso or Pollock or something. She is completely and utterly innocent, just with an innocent eye almost coming to a canvas,” said her father Michael.

Nikka, her mother is infact fearful that education might just ruin her natural instinct.

“I’m really scared to influence her in anyway. I’m really scared that when she grows up she will develop something like ‘Oh, I can’t use this colour with that colour because it doesn’t go.'”

It is hoped that the child retains her instinctive talent as she grows up and continues to spellbound people all over the world with her art.

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