4-year-old Saves Pregnant Mom’s Life with 911 call

As parents one of the skills we try to teach our kids is what to do in an emergency. For some kids, however, remembering all of the information that you need to give in the event of a critical situation – can be overwhelming. But thankfully for one pregnant mom, her 4-year-old stepped up when she was in the midst of a seizure.

Calise Manning

Centerria Manning only remembers waking up to her daughter standing over her on the phone with 911.

“Somehow, she fell, and I went to go see what happened,” her daughter Calise told

In a nearly 7 1/2 minute call with 911, Calise can be heard telling the operator that her mom really needs help. “She’s shaking, and she’s having a baby.” When the dispatcher asked her how old she was, Calise replied, “I’m 4 and I’m almost getting bigger.”

“I was so proud of her, because we practice and I teach her because I am epileptic…I teach her the address and my full name and things like that, and how to dial 911,” Centerria said.

Centerria has been practicing the scenario with her daughter since she was just two years old. And thankfully, when Centerria’s fiance was at work, Calise knew exactly what to do when he mom had a seizure.

“She was like, ‘I told you I was gonna take care of you if something happened,'” Centerria said.

“It was really good to ride in the ambulance with mom, and she was really proud of me,” Calise told reporters.

Centerria was taken to Borgess Medical Center where she gave birth to a healthy 7lb 7oz baby boy named T.J. Manning two days later. His big sister couldn’t be happier.

Baby T.J. Manning

“He’s cute and I really love him,” she said.

the manning family



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