Potty Diaries

“Hors d’oeuvres, Doggy-style”
by Cari

You can imagine my excitement when, the other day while I was cleaning the kitchen and talking on the phone, Gordon and our black lab, Sarge, wandered into the bathroom together. I quietly narrated the situation to my neighbor over the phone and expressed my pride over the fact that it seemed Gordon was taking a keen interest in the potty. I could hear him jabbering away to our dog and was convinced he was educating our lab on the joys of the potty.

I couldn’t contain my amazement and excused myself from the phone conversation to sneak down the hall and peek in on the little potty genius I had created. To my amusement, Gordon was holding the bowl of pineapple pieces I had given him earlier and was gently placing them one by one in the potty while Sarge waited for his cue to dig in. I guess I will hold off on his MENSA application for a little while yet.

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