5 Reasons To Hire A Birth Photographer

Giving birth…  It’s empowering, incredible and life-changing.  It also happens really fast and when it’s all over you likely won’t remember everything that happened during all of the excitement.  For this reason, birth photographers have become more and more popular.  I know what you’re thinking.  The last thing you want is someone photographing you while you are experiencing the most intense pain of your life.  I can honestly agree with you…  The birth of my second son was incredibly intense and to be honest with you I’m surprised my husband didn’t bail half way through.  BUT when all was said and done, we welcomed a beautiful little boy and we only have a handful of photos to look back on.  And by handful – I honestly think there are less than 10.

This is a bit troubling for me because I’m a photo girl. I’m a take a video and photos at the same time kind of girl.  I love pictures because they always bring me back to the moments that mean the most to me.

For this reason, it should come as no surprise that IF I were to do have another baby I would hire a birth photographer.  Here’s why:

They Capture All Of The Moments

Childbirth can get crazy.  The contractions are just seconds apart, the baby is half out and you feel like you’re being ripped into a million pieces while being electrocuted from the knees up.  But you did it.  You pushed that baby out and that, my friend, is your badge of honor.  You were a team.  He got you through it and now you are parents.  That raw emotion, excitement, and exhaustion.  Having those moments on film to look back on would definitely be incredible.  Also, you know your husband is never going to get THIS shot?

Everyone Stays in The Picture

I have a couple pictures of me and the baby, my husband with the baby but none of the three of us after his birth.  To be honest I probably wouldn’t have thought to ask someone to get the three of us together or the four of us when our son arrived.  I was just too exhausted.  Knowing someone was there to cover all of our basis would have been comforting.

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Takes the Pressure Off Dad

Just before I went into labour I made a list of all of the pictures I wanted my husband to take after the baby arrived.  One of me and the baby – check.  The first picture of me breastfeeding the baby – check.  The baby on the scale getting weighed for the first time – check…  Well almost.  We did get a picture of the baby on the scale for the first time but it wasn’t until I was editing the images weeks late that I noticed my husband took the photo from the wrong side of the scale.  His weight was shown on the other side.

Looking back, it was too much pressure for my husband to pull out a list and start ticking off pictures.  He was also exhausted, excited and just making sure everyone was healthy.  Taking pictures was not the first thing on his mind.

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Professional Images

Just after my son arrived my husband took a picture of the two of us with a mobile phone – a BlackBerry to be precise.  The device on the market with the worst possible camera.  I’m pretty sure I ‘may’ be able to get it to print at 3×5 but nothing larger.  Your birth photographer will capture every moment with the best equipment which means you can get a 16×20 print of your child’s first breath to hang on the wall if you want.   There won’t be any blurry first photos, heads cut off or missed moments.  Some also do video so the you can actually re-live key moments.

Accurate Timeline of Events

I cannot honestly tell you what happened after I got my epidural.  Was that before or after I kicked my parents out of the room?  I don’t remember.  It was all a blur.  I do remember being in labour forever but don’t have any memory of anything that happened after my son got stuck in the birth canal.  Clearly, this wasn’t the time for my husband to start clicking away so we are only able to piece it together based on each other’s foggy memories.

That moment when you meet your baby ??

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Next to the day you get married, welcoming your first child is the biggest moment of your life.  There are no replays, no re-dos and no way to rewind the moment to remember it.

A birth photographer will document the birth day honestly and without judgment.

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