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5 Reasons to Schedule a Date Night

It doesn’t matter where you are in your relationship, how long you’ve been married, how many kids you have (or even if you don’t have any at all) – date night should be a regular event on your calendar. Why? Well, there are several reasons, actually, but we are sharing the top five.

5 Reasons to Schedule a Date Night

1. We All Need a Little Romance

Finding time for romance once you’re already together can be . . . difficult – even for couples that don’t have kids. When you DO have children, you may be lucky to even sleep in the same location for the first few months (I distinctly remember falling asleep in the rocking chair, next to our daughter’s crib for a good month after she was born). But busy lives, hectic schedules, and young children do not invalidate our need for connection. We all want to remain close to our partners and spouses. We want to feel that connection. Date night offers all this, and more.

2. Couples Who Date Have Lower Divorce Rates

Although divorce rates are lower than they were just a couple of decades ago, it still happens to a little less than half of all married couples. Date night can help reduce your risk. If it sounds too good to be true, consider this: couples who regularly schedule a date night make time for one another, and they typically talk about things that don’t involve children or jobs. It takes you away from the mundane of everyday life and reminds you why you love the person you’re with.

3. Sometimes We Need to Socialize

When you’re a parent, it can feel as though your entire life is centered around a tiny little bundle of joy. Most of the time, you may not mind, but there are probably days that you would give almost anything to have a regular adult conversation. Date night gives you a chance to do that – and not just with your partner. You can talk to the waitress. You can schedule a double date night with friends. Plan your date night at a place where you’ll have the chance to interact with other couples or parents. Get out, have fun, and enjoy being a grown up for the night!

4. Date Night Gives You a Chance to Feel Beautiful

If yoga pants and a t-shirt are your daily attire (they’re definitely mine), you may have forgotten what it feels like to dress up. Date night can remind you that your shirt is most definitely not a snot rag, and your hair is not meant to hold remnants of your child’s breakfast. In short, date night can give you a chance to feel beautiful – and to hopefully be told that you’re beautiful.

5. Reconnecting Can Heat Things Up in the Bedroom

While it is completely possible to have a healthy sex life without date nights, going out and just enjoying one another’s company in a public space can actually heat things up a little. Perhaps it’s that dress you wore. Maybe it’s the wine you have with dinner. Or maybe it’s just the act of having your partner open the door for you or hold your hand. Whatever the reason, intimacy often spikes when you have a nice night out together, just the two of you.


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