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5 Year Old Steals A Car

Forget waiting until your 16!

A five-year-old Czech boy stole his parents’ car and drove it for a mile before crashing into a wall.

Miroslav Novak took the keys to his parents’ car in the middle of the night, got in, started it up, reversed out of the drive and then took off for a joy ride.

He managed to drive the car for a mile around his home town of Mimon before crashing into the front wall of a house.

He was found hiding behind a tree in a nearby park by police who were called out by his worried parents when they woke up to find him and the car missing.

He had reportedly put two cushions on the driver’s seat so he could see out of the window of the automatic car.

While the Police say that he is too young to be charged, social services would like to know how such a young fella learned how to drive a vehicle.



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