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67 Year Mom Of Twins Diagnosed With a Serious Illness

After becoming the world’s oldest mother at the age of 66, Carmen Bousada brushed off criticism saying she was as fit as she’d ever been.
It has now been revealed, just three weeks before her babies their first birthday, that her health has taken a severe turn for the worse.

Yesterday she told a Spanish television show was being treated for “a very serious illness”, believed to be cancer.

She would not reveal what it was but added: “It is one which is fashionable at the moment.”

Some observers said this suggested either breast cancer or intestinal cancer.

She added: “I am having treatment and that, but I’m well. The little ones are beautiful, very chubby, very big.

“I have a girl who helps me look after the children. I am always there for them. I always have help.”

She said if she dies the children will be looked after by her nephew or their godfather, whom she did not name.

She added: “They are not going to be alone. But come on, I’m not thinking at the moment that I’m going to (die).”

The retired shop worker, now 67, has never married and has no partner, which raises concern about the babies welfare if something were to happen to her.

Carmen, who comes from Spain, travelled to the US, where she lied about her age – saying that she was 55 – to receive IVF treatment at the Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles.

The issue I will always have with this is that there is no way that a woman at this age can keep up with these babies. Heck, my one child keeps me on my feet.

It also frustrates me to think that these little boys will probably never have a parent at their wedding, graduation or possibly first day of school.

We wish Carmen the best health and hope that she can get better and stronger for these kids.

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