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Mom Delivers Baby Minutes Before Undergoing Open Heart Surgery

They say mother’s intuition is never wrong, and that statement couldn’t be more true for one new mom.


Long Island Mom Undergoes Open-Heart Surgery While Pregnant

When we’re pregnant, we do our best to take care of our ever-changing bodies and the baby we are growing. We try to keep the germs at bay and stay away from anyone who may be sick. But sometimes all the prevention in the world doesn’t stop a sickness. For one Long Island woman, she thought that she had come down with something, with emergency room doctors confirming that she had bronchitis, despite the fact she was coughing up blood.


Youngest Baby in UK saved by a Heart Surgery

Baby Toby was just 22 hours old when he was whisked into the operation theatre for a heart surgery. Determined to give her unborn child a chance, his mother had earlier refused to terminate the pregnancy when doctors told her that he had a life-threatening heart condition.


Abandoned Baby Saved by a Loving Family and a Heart Surgery

Cui Chenxi was a child heartlessly abandoned by three different families and left on the streets before he was finally picked by a loving family in China. The new adoptive parents though soon discovered that the baby boy suffered from a congenital heart condition and instead of disowning him, they spend all their life’s savings to save the baby.


Preemie Born with Heart Condition Saved by Open Heart Surgery

Darren and Tracey Horsley had just become parents when 10 minutes after their baby boy was born the doctors rushed him out of the delivery room. Baby Xavier Lucas had stopped breathing and it was found that he had a rare heart condition while in the womb, which no one was aware of.


One day old Saved by Open Heart Surgery

While in her 32nd week of pregnancy, Jeanette Shiel sensed that something wasn’t right with her baby and she was right. Tests revealed that the baby was suffering from a critical heart condition and while his parents prayed, one day old baby Rudy’s life was saved after he became one of the youngest patients in Britain to undergo open heart surgery.


Baby Survives Blood Transfusion & Heart Surgery While Still in The Womb

A baby has beat the odds and survived a killer bug at 21 weeks and a heart operation while inside the womb.


Baby Doing Well After Open Heart Surgery

Four month old baby, Tayla Geddes is recovering after undergoing open heart surgery to repair three holes in her heart and a missing septum. 


Amazing Newborn Survives Rare Heart Surgery at One-Day-Old

Named Riley, for it’s Gaelic meaning for brave, a UK newborn is living up to that name and more. At just 24 hours old, the tiny fighter survived a rare heart surgery that will hopefully buy him time until he is old enough for a transplant.


Newborn Recovering After Rare Heart Surgery

A 6-pound infant is recovering from a rare surgery in which doctors removed a racquetball-size tumor from her heart the day after she was born. Anne Therese Felts was in serious condition Wednesday, four days after undergoing the 2-hour surgery at Riley Hospital for Children, where doctors had been preparing for the operation since the […]


Miraculous Pre-Birth Surgery for Baby with Heart Defect

When baby Sebastian was born – pink and screaming – at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital in May, his mother says that it was “the most amazing sound that I ever heard.”