Special Needs Children

A Very Special Baby Book

Sometimes when a baby is born, they arrive under special circumstances.

These babies may not meet their milestones at the same time as their peers or follow the same schedule as other kids their age.

Books that track developmental firsts like sitting up, crawling or even walking may not be appropriate for the these babies because some may never walk or say their first words.

Rhonda DeBough-Insook created a book for parents of special need children that allows parents to tell their child’s story their own way.

She writes:

My baby was born with many complicated developmental and medical needs. As I began the journey with my baby surrounded by wonder and worry, I found that baby books that are designed for the typical baby had many pages and sections that didn’t apply to my baby. I also found that big parts of my baby’s story could not be told in the spaces provided.

A Very Special Baby Book has been designed for you to tell your baby’s own unique story. It is a guided journal that allows you to record your baby’s early life in words and in pictures. The book is bound such that pages can be rearranged, or removed at your discretion to best fit your own situation.

Each book includes:

  • 50 color soft water color illustrations
  • beautiful acid-free archival quality watercolor paper
  • hand-bound with a ribbon -allowing you to move the pages to tell your baby’s unique story in chronological order

Some of the headings include:

  • Our pregnancy story
  • My birth story
  • My diagnosis story
  • My first days home from the hospital
  • My growth chart

Available at averyspecialbook.com for $25

All books are designed and printed in the U.S.A.

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