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Abandoned Newborn Rescued from a Dumpsite

Two fast-acting strangers saved the life of a newborn in South Africa when its mother had allegedly thrown the baby into a dumpsite Monday night.

newborn baby

According to Police two men saw a teenage girl go near the illegal dumpsite in Ngangelizwe, Mthatha and dump something at around 7 pm in the evening. Suspicious of her behavior, the pair decided to take a closer look and were shocked to find a newborn wrapped in a blanket. One of the men then stayed with the baby while the other followed the girl to an apartment nearby.

Police were called and when they arrived they learned that the 19-year-old girl, who already has a one-year-old child, abandoned the newborn just minutes after delivering.

The baby was taken to a hospital in stable condition and then later placed at the Bethany Place of Safety.

The teenager who faces the charges of child abandonment will appear in court in the coming week. – Atula, Staff Writer

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