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ABC Kids Expo: Britax Goes Couture!

This year is going to be a big year for Britax. They are constantly developing more car seats to keep your child safer – for longer.

This year the company is launching 3 new products:

1. Frontier (already available in Canada and U.S)

This seat falls into the ‘Highest Five-Point Harness Seat Category’, allowing children to remain in a five-point harness for up to 80 pounds or in booster mode up to approximately 100 pounds.

It was created for children aged 2 and up because of it’s straight up and down design. Children under the age of 2 are not developed enough to sit in this position safely.

The Frontier’s True Side Impact Protection distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, contains the head and body, and minimizes side-to-side head movement.

Bonus – Britax has added 2 Retractable Cup Holders for convenient drink and snack storage.

2. Boulevard CS (available now in Canada and U.S.)
This seat allows children to remain harnessed up to 65 pounds. It features True Side Impact Protection, which distributes crash forces, shields your child from from vehicle intrusion, contains the head and body, and minimizes side-to-side head movement.

The CS stands for the Click & Safe™, a snug harness indicator that gives an audible affirmation to moms and dads that the harness is snug around the baby by clicking when the harness straps are appropriately tightened.

It has a quick-adjust headrest and harness that re-positions head support and harness height effortlessly without having to re-thread the straps.

Suitable for infants weighing 5lbs – 35lbs rear facing and toddlers 20lbs to 65lbs forward facing.

3. Advocate CS (available 2009)This seat features two plastic cushions on the side of the seat that called ‘Side Impact Cushion Technology’.

These patented exterior energy-management cushions compress upon impact to protect both the child and adjacent passengers in the event of a side impact crash. This compression provides an increased level of side impact protection.

DISCLAIMER – weights listed in this post are for U.S. markets only. When released in Canada the seat’s capacity may be changed by Canadian Government.


For the Fashionable Mommy, Britax is now offering a couple of Couture designs. It is not known whether these fashions will be available in Canada, but the U.S. should see them soon!



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