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Amanda Peet ‘Explains’ Parasite Comment

During a recent interview for Cookie Magazine new mom Amanda Peet slammed parents who don’t vaccinate their children calling them parasites.

Some backlash has prompted the star to explain her comment in a letter sent to the magazine’s editor.

I wanted to address my comment in Cookie magazine that “parents who don’t vaccinate their children are parasites.” I believe in my heart that my use of the word “parasites” was mean and divisive; I completely understand why it offended some parents, and in particular, parents of children with autism who feel that vaccines caused their illness. For this I am truly sorry.

Now the catch… With that being said, the actress goes on to say that she still believes that the decision not to vaccinate our children bodes for a dangerous future.

Vast reductions in immunization will lead to a resurgence of deadly viruses. This is as indisputable as global warming. I know a lot of parents who secretly use as a justification, “Well, enough other people are vaccinating, so therefore, we don’t have to.”

The letter gets interesting or weird in the middle with talk about conspiracy theories, massive cover-ups and one sided reporting where vaccinations are concerned, with the whole thing closing up with some personal information:

My concern is for our children and their futures. In the fifties, vaccines were recognized as life-saving. My mom had polio and was quarantined when she was 6 years old. It’s so hard to appreciate vaccines now that so few children are dying from preventable diseases today, but that could all change if we’re not vigilant. There are currently multiple measles outbreaks in the United States. Hopefully children do not have to die before people start to realize the cost of withholding vaccines.

My best wishes to you and your families,

Amanda (and Frankie)

What do you think?

When you set out to read about Amanda and her daughter did you just want a great article about parenting challenges or did you want more education about vaccination?

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