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Amazing 3 Year Old Saves Great Grandmother

Three year old Jaiyden Dorsey surprised her family with her quick thinking after her Great Grandmother accidentally mixed bleach and toilet bowl cleaner together.

Barbara Groomes, the little girl’s great grandmother, was overwhelmed by the fumes of the toxic mixture, started gasping for air while holding her throat.

The toddler, who found her great grandmother struggling to breathe, grabbed her by the hand and pulled her out of the bathroom, saying, `Open the door. Nanny, open the door.

Once Barbara was outside, Jaiyden called 911.

“When I woke up, the doctor was telling me that if it wouldn’t have been for the baby that took me outside, if I didn’t get air, I would have died right then,” Groomes said.

As Great Grandmother recovers, there’s one little girl getting a hero’s treatment.

“I’m just amazed by her,” Jaiyden’s mom said. “I don’t know how a three-year-old would know just to take her outside.”

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PHOTOCREDIT: Graham Cullen

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