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Amazing Baby Born Weighing 560 gms Thriving at 1 Year!

I am always amazed when I read how well some of these little fighters do after the rocky, crazy beginnings they perservere through.

Last February, Charlie Jo Glover arrived 16 weeks early weighing just 560 gms. She was immediately put on oxygen, in an incubator as she clung on to life with a 50% chance of survival.

Despite the odds, the little figher now weighs a healthy 15lb 3oz and will be one-year-old tomorrow. She did so well in the NICU, doctors allowed her to be home with her parents 3 weeks before her due date.

And now after a bunch of tests, she has finally been given the all-clear. Her mom, Janice Snalam says:

“Charlie Jo’s fantastic. She’s got two teeth, she’s eating off a spoon and she’s sitting up on her own.” “She’s had her eyes and her ears checked, she’s absolutely perfect. Charlie Jo’s first birthday is such a milestone for us. She was so very poorly when she was born, we didn’t think she would survive.”

Happy Birthday Charlie! We hope that you enjoy the all the millions of gifts were sure your parents will be getting you!! SOURCE


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