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Amazing Baby Born With Heart Outside Body

The Daily Mail has an amazing story of a baby that survived delivery despite its heart being outside the chest cavity.

The infant’s heart was born with its most vital organ exposed and is being treated in the intensive care unit of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital in China’s Guangdong Province.

The baby’s parents showed enormous faith by choosing not to abort it, even though they knew about the condition before their was baby was born.

The unusual and dangerous development was caused by a rare disease – less than five babies in one million are struck by it. The illness affects the child’s chest and abdomen.

Less than 200 cases have been recorded and it is the first modern case in China.

Most babies die from the disease before birth.

As soon as the baby is strong enough, doctors are expected to operate to repair the malformation.

There have been 2 babies in the last 4 years that have survived this surgery. I hope that the same good luck falls on this baby.

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