Aminals ~ Organic stuffed toys inspired by kids!

From the endless imaginations and wonderfully quirky drawings of kids come the Aminals. Created in the same bright colors they are drawn in, the collection of Aminals brings to life and celebrates the host of characters inhabiting children’s imaginations.

Little Girl with her Aminal

The current collection of Aminals includes 11 different characters, including Momey, Dady, Brothr, Sistur, and Duggy. Each member of the Aminals family comes with their own unique story, and they are all ready and willing to join your little one on new adventures! Designed in a way that kids can really relate to, they seem as though they have just jumped from the pages they were drawn on, an Aminals character brought home is sure to be a new best friend in no time!


Made from organic cotton, in textile shops with fair working conditions, Aminals are earth-friendly best friends free from harmful chemicals. Straight from their imaginations, designed for their adventures and friendly to their world…Aminals are sidekicks for little ones. – Belinda, Staff Writer


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