And Suddenly There Were Three: Mom’s Pregnancy Mistaken For IBS

A 21-year-old British woman, diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome discovered, quite suddenly, that she was actually about to have a baby.

After her IBS diagnosis, Belinda Waite went on with her life as normal and without a thought that she was pregnant.  In the time that she was unaware of her pregnancy, she went on roller coasters, water slides and was even hit by a car.

“I can’t believe I was pregnant all this time  –  you would have thought the doctors would have noticed,” said.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome was only her first misdiagnosis.  On Christmas Day, she was taken to the hospital with swelling to her hands and feet.  At that point she was diagnosed as having either gout or an allergic reaction.

The new mom explained, “I did feel like something was moving inside me. But I never considered I was pregnant  –  and it doesn’t seem to have crossed the doctors’ minds.”

On February 6th, Belinda was taken to the hospital again, this time in agony.  She was finally told she was pregnant but, again, misdiagnosed as only three months pregnant.

She was sent home and gave birth three hours later to a full-term, 8lb 11oz baby girl.  Waite and her partner Wayne Boyles have named their daughter Louise.

Louise was born at 1:00 a.m. on February 7th, with the assistance of Wayne’s mother Sylvia.

“No one believed us when we told them we suddenly had a child, but she is a beautiful baby and we’re really happy,” Waite said.

The Devon hospital responsible for Waite’s multiple misdiagnoses is investigating the matter.-Jen R, Staff Writer

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