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Another Mom Leaves Baby In Sweltering Car

Could this be an epidemic? Another mom left her baby in the car for up to 45 minutes today and it had to be rescued by medics and treated at hospital.

In Lewiston, Indiana on Monday, a 2 1/2 -month-old boy was locked and unattended in a parked car for up to 45 minutes at the Lewiston Center Mall before medics were dispatched to the scene.

Last Thursday, a Spokane mom told police that she forgot she had a baby after the child was found crying and sweating in the car.

The mother claims she had only been shopping for 15 minutes but her shopping cart was full of items and the woman had an empty baby carrier with her in the store.

Firefighters broke out the car window because the baby was sweating profusely. “She was all wet, she was red,” said the employee who spotted the young girl. “She was really hot, she wasn’t crying, she looked kind of weak.”

Orofino Police arrested the step-grandmother, accused of locking a baby inside a sweltering car for over 5 hours last Wednesday.

Officers attempted to rescue to the baby, but he had already passed away when they arrive.

The baby’s step-grandmother, 33-year-old Rita Johnston, was booked into the Clearwater Co. Jail on involuntary manslaughter charges. She’s being held on $15,000 bond.

Like the other women, Johnston told police she forgot about the youngster after going inside a friend’s house and falling asleep.

I am SPEECHLESS. As soon as I get to where I am going, grabbing my son is the FIRST thing I do. Heck, we listen to Dora the whole way.

Who leaves a 2 1/2 month old baby in the car ALONE?? This is Ridiculous.

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  • Forgot the baby in the car? I really don’t see how you could forget, I think this is just their excuse. It is stories like this that break my heart. I cannot believe how some people treat their children.

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