Arab Couple Forced To Separate After 25 Years of Marriage After Court Learns They Were Breastfed By Same Woman

Breastfeeding babyAn Arab family has been turned upside down this week after a court ordered the parents to go their separate ways after learning they were breastfed by the same person as infants.

A court in Al-Rass has handed down a verdict that orders the separation of a couple that has been together for over 25 years. They have had a total of seven children together. The decision by the court was made under the basis of a religious rule. According to a statement from the Prophet Muhammad, “Breastfeeding makes forbidden what is forbidden by blood relations.”

This means that even though the two are not directly related by blood, because they were both breastfed by the same women as infants, they are not allowed to marry each other. This case had originally came to light three months earlier, with a judge issuing his final verdict this past Tuesday, after a consultation with the grand mufti.

No details about the couple’s childhood were available. However, in many communities, it is common for nursing mothers to breastfeed the baby of a relative, a friend, neighbor or colleague when the baby’s mother is not present to feed. There is no evidence as of the moment to suggest that the couple are related by anything other than marriage. No details have been released as to what will happen with the couples seven children.



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