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Are All Cribs Created Equal?

When looking for a crib you will find that they range in price from $200.00 to $2000.00. They don’t just come in rectangle anymore. You now have your choice of round, rectangle, oval, double round, corner and heart (yes it is a heart-shaped crib).

Anything other than the classic will not only cost your more for the actual hardware but the accessories are pricey as well. Bedding for a circular crib can run you upwards of 500.00 and that’s not including the canopy.

Standard “Classic” Crib – 29″(W) x60″(L) – made of Oak, converts into a daybed for toddler and then it will provide a headboard and footboard for a fullbed. Storage underneath. Available at for 369.99

Round Crib – 42″ Diameter – Allows Parents a 360 deg. view of baby and 2 sides fold down for easy access. Available at for 770.00(crib), 99.00(mattress), 695.00(bedding and canopy)(as shown)

Oval Crib – 29″(W)x 50″(L) – Converts from crib to daybed to a set of chair later on – extra conversion accessories available. Check for a location near you. Priced around 750.00

Corner Crib – 40″x 40″ x 60(front) – Front drops down. Great out of the way design that leaves lots of room for other nursery furniture – Available at (manufacturer) for 449.00 (no canopy), 599.00 (canopy), 119.00-339.00 (bedding) and 99.00-129.00 (mattress)

Double Round – 45″ in diameter – Made for twins (a triplet version is also available) – 2 round cribs joined together each. Great for twin bonding. Available at (manufacturer) for 1599.00 (mattresses incl.), 299.00-850.00(bedding)

Heart Shaped Crib – Very cute design, can be converted into a conventional round, 2 sides drop down. Made of wood with 10 finishes to chose from. Available from (manufacturer) for 975.00(mattress incl.), 559.00(bedding as shown)

If I were to do it all over again I don’t know if I would go with a classic. The round crib has quite a few of good points, the oval is nice and the corner sits out of the way. My only question – Can your baby appreciate a unique crib or is it more for mom and dad?

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