Are All Nightlights Created Equal?

When your child becomes old enough to sleep in a big boy/girl bed you will need to get them a nightlight so that they can find their way to the bathroom or your bedroom. Some kids also like to have their room partially illuminated during the night for comfort.

Nightlights have changed since we were kids. No longer do you have a makeshift light bulb hanging out of the wall. They are designed to be easier to hold, fun to look at and more convenient to run.

Here is a list of the coolest night lights. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. There should be something here for everyone’s child.

1. Candeloo – This light is great for kids because it is shaped like an animal, comes in fun colours and it’s rechargeable.

For brave midnight bathroom trips. Kids delight in lights. Candeloos make great bedside sentinels to ward off the dark, or in make-believe adventures and dining room forts. They can also be set to pulse gently, lulling the most restless little ones to sleep. Plus, the SafeCharge™ system eliminates exposed electrical contacts, making them safe for inquisitive little hands. Candeloo is safe, portable and reusable…but most of all, it’s perfect for brave trips to the bathroom at midnight.

They come in a package of two, which would be perfect for families with more than one child. Priced at $50U.S.

2. Star Egg Nightlight – This nightlight is not portable but able to light up your child’s room enough for them to see that there are no monsters hiding. It re-creates a starry night inside your son/daughter’s room and looks great when the lights are on during the day.

This light is one of the priciest lights on my list, so it’s not recommended for kids under 4. You may want to consider this one a splurge.

$125 at

3. Guardian Nightlight – This light is 2 lights in one.

The charger has an integral EL panel that’s always lit, and the lantern is portable and illuminates instantly when lifted and during power failures. The Guardian is always ready when you need it; fusebox searches, late-night feedings…and it stands with upright readiness to be at your fingertips.

An easily portable light for young kids during the night, the guardian is made of polycarbonate with ni-cad batteries.

$30 at

4. The nightlight rug – *splurge* I like that this rug can sit right beside your child’s bed and illuminate the way as they move about their room in the night. It could be combined with one of the portable lights if your child frequents the bathroom at 2am.

If you are looking for an area rug for your child’s room the lighted portion is a great bonus.

Made from 100% pure virgin wool with only natural vegetable dyes used for color.

Provides 12 hours of light, requiring 4.5 hours to recharge. Cost is more than any other light on this list, but it also doubles as a high end rug. Priced between $412 to $852 at

5. Cloud b Twilight Turtle Interactive Nightlight – This is the cutest light on my list. Like the egg nightlight it radiates a constellation across your child’s bedroom.

The stars are illuminated in Blue, Green and White to promote calming, harmonious and uplifting qualities. Parents choose the color and time duration (30 to 45 minutes), and can sit with their kids and point out major constellations, including the Big Dipper, Pegasus and Gemini. There are 7 actual star constellations. Full night sky projection on any ceiling.

Priced reasonably at $33.95 at

All of these light have different purposes. Some to be carried as you child finds their way through the house at midnight, others to create a sense of security for them as they sleep under their covers.

Whatever light you decide on, make sure that these tips are followed for safe installation to reduce fire risks.

  • Locate nightlights away from beds where the bulb might touch flammable materials.(traditional plug into the wall types)
  • Look for nightlights that bear the mark of recognized testing laboratory.
  • Consider using nightlights that have cooler, mini neon bulbs instead of four or seven watt bulbs.


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