Jenny and Brian Masche Miracle Baby Sextuplets

Arizona Sextuplet Mom Recovering From Heart Failure

After delivering all six babies safely, doctors concern turned to their mother. Jenny Mashe suffered acute heart failure several hours after giving birth to her three daughters and three sons Monday, Dr. John Elliott said.

“It’s a mixed blessing,” Elliott said at a news conference at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

The heart problems were due to the huge volume of blood Masche was carrying in her body while pregnant. When the babies were delivered, some the extra blood flooded out of her uterus and “stretched her heart and blood vessels to a very, very critical level,” Elliott said.

“So for a while she was very sick.”

Doctors put Masche in the hospital’s intensive care unit and gave her drugs to help her heart deal with the extra blood. Elliott said Masche is now stable and he expects her to be out of the hospital’s ICU by Wednesday.

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