Jenny and Brian Masche Miracle Baby Multiple Births Sextuplets

Arizona woman gives birth to sextuplets

It’s a big day in Phoenix.

A mom has successfully delivered all six of the babies that were growing inside of her.

Jenny Masche gave birth by Caesarean section at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in central Phoenix to three boys and three girls, officials said. The babies were born prematurely after 30 weeks and four days, and all but one weighed less than three pounds.

New father Bryan Masche said in an interview with The Associated Press last week that the couple was terrified when they learned in December they were going to have six babies.

“We’re blessed and excited,” he said. “I keep coming back to the Bible verse that says, ‘God will never leave or forsake us.'”

The couple had tried for years to conceive naturally before turning to artificial insemination, he said. The babies are the first known set of surviving sextuplets in Arizona.

Dr. John Elliott, one of three doctors who helped deliver the babies, said in a statement that the delivery went as well as could be expected.

The Masche family blog was updated last Tuesday by the Gramma to be stating:

Dr. Leonard assured us that all six babies are doing great at this time, with the smallest weighing around 2lb 12 oz and the largest one about 3lb 4oz. Each day they remain in the womb will decrease the days in the NICU.

It is amazing that Jenny was able to carry all 6 babies past 30 weeks. Pregnant moms carrying triplets have trouble getting to that point.

Jenny and Brian have been married for 3 years now, trying to have children for about 2 ½ years without any luck. Jenny was pregnant twice but unfortunately had two miscarriages. That’s when Bryan and Jenny decided to do the artificial insemination procedure. The Masches DID NOT IMPLANT SIX EMBRYOS. People have asked “Why would you have six kids implanted?” That’s when it has to be explained that a totally different procedure was used. The doctor simply gave Jenny the drugs to increase fertility, and then they took Bryan’s contribution, and turkey baster…and voila… God decided to make six babies.

An ultrasound at 17 weeks revealed that the couple was having 4 boys and 2 girls. It was off just a bit, she delivered 3 boys and 3 girls. All of the babies were in their own sacks with their own placentas. It was a miracle that none of these babies are identical….no twins, triplets etc. Dr. Elliot, Jenny’s OB, stated that this was a better situation because the risk of twin to twin transfusion was not there.

A few local business and churches have assisted the family in diaper drives for the babies. They have a list of places where they are registered on their website if you would like to assist them. Six babies will be no easy feat, let’s hope they have a big house!!

I will update again when more information becomes available.

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  • May God bless you all and your families and friends that are supporting you.

    Children are a blessing from God.

    Enjoy every moment with your children – they grow so quickly! Although it will be hard for you these next few months, God will continue to bless your lives and give you all the strength you will need.

    Stay strong in your faith and in your love for one another. You will be tested, when you are tired and weary count on our Lord for strength.

    May God bless you!

    Kathy Fuller
    Albany, New York

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