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Army Private Saves Afghan Newborn’s Life

This just goes to show that the troops are making a difference overseas in many ways!!

A U.S. Soldier potentially saved the life of an Afghan newborn June 24 in Kunar Province.

Army Pfc. Theodore Batdorf, a platoon medic assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment (Airborne) was credited with saving the baby’s life after performing CPR on the child.

At about 10:30 a.m. near Tsunel, a small village in Ghaziabad District, the U.S. patrol came upon an ambulance stopped in the road. A woman in the ambulance had just given birth to a boy while en route to the hospital. The baby was not breathing, the Patrol Leader on the scene ordered Batdorf to assist.

Batdorf quickly examined the child and realized the newborn was in critical condition. He assessed the child’s breathing was restricted due to fluid in his respiratory tract and that the child’s circulation was poor.

Batdorf informed the Platoon Leader the baby needed to be evacuated to Forward Operating Base Naray for medical treatment.

During the more than 40 minute drive over extremely rough roads, Batdorf stabilized the baby by administering CPR, maintaining an open airway, and stimulating circulation.

Upon arrival at FOB Naray, Batdorf took the infant for treatment by the doctors at the Forward Surgical Team. The baby was treated for more than five hours by doctors there before clearance was given for the baby and his uncle to be evacuated to medical facilities at Bagram Airfield.

Army Col. Craig Shriver, a Surgeon with the FTS at FOB Naray, credited Batdorf with saving the baby’s life.

“The baby clearly would have died had (Batdorf) not taken the measures that he did,” said Shriver.

The baby and his parents were reunited at Bagram Airfield, where he continues to receive care.



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