Parenting The Duggar Family

At Home With The Duggar Family

I have been a little fascinated with this family since seeing the documentary on them on TLC.

Jim Bob and Michelle have done an exceptional job of keeping their family organized, educated, fed and clothed. Michelle home schools all of her children, plus each child plays an instrument, which they practice at night.

People magazine successfully got a glimpse into the unbelievable life of this massive family and documented it in this week’s magazine.

Michelle is expecting her 17th baby in July and the couple has no plans of tying the tubes or snipping the source anytime soon.

Shortly after the birth of their first child they threw out the birth control and let God decide how many kids they were to have. He must think that they are doing a great job because he just keeps sending them down…and they keep taking them.

I will be interested to see if they continue to conceive after the birth of their 17th baby. They can’t go on like this forever…can they?



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  • I always think it’s wonderful to have kids they make life so woderful. I have four and that’s all for me. But haveing seventeen is a nuts!! If the duggars can do it then I guess good for them right? when I was growing up my friend had 12 in her family her mom wanted more but her doctor told her it wasn’t safe for her to have anymore. I would think a doctor would tell her that seventeen is to much! having that many kids takes time off you life your body never has a chance to heal way do that to yourself? Yes haveing babies is great but there is a time when you have to stop having them!!!! If it’s a world Record there going for on how many kids they can have well I think that’s dumb like I said the body can only handle so much and hopefully they think about her health before adding again to the world.

  • If they can do it, what the hay! First off, unlike so many folks, they are DEBT free. They are both real estate agents. They can afford to do it. She had a miscarriage that shook them both terribly and decided they’d take what they got from then on in. The kids are fine and well adjusted. If only the rest of the world could do the same.

  • I am so surprised you know the story.

    I was just telling a friend that story today.

    I have spoken with the Duggars on many occasions and they truly are an amazing family and not crazy like everyone seems to make them look.

    I wish them the best!

  • well first off my family and I are big fans of the duggar’s. from the all the love they have from each other. to the well manner kids. my kids was’nt at all bad but when i got with my new love mate they are yes sir yes mam no sir no mam , and such. and to have the little ones listen that is very superizing. becauce when mine was little is was all about the holling and fighting over little things. if the Duggars want to have 20 kids then why does people have to complaine about it it is’nt them and there kids are very well taken care of, and very much love, if that is what the dear lord wants them to have then so for be it. i would love to meet the duggars and there amazing family.

  • The Duggars are a beautiful family. God Bless each of them. Michelle and Jim Bob are wonderful parents. The children are very happy, clean, organized, loved, nutured, and functional. I would also love to meet the Duggars and their amazing family.

  • Hello …i think haveing babys a great thing but don’t you think your goin alittle over board i watch your show sometimes and i never see your mom or dad hold them or hug them,,,i do have to say they are very behaved children.. and a big help put do you think it’s fair they have to deal with the little ones instead if haveing some fun out side.. our have friends..
    my grandmother had 16 kids and that weren’t planed but bk in those days what could you do .
    hasen’t your doctor said enough…..the newest one is very cute.hay i’m sure you’ll still be on TV even if you stop at 18 wow well god bless you and you family..

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