Australia Takes a Strong Stand on The Circumcision Debate

Everyone has their opinion about circumcision. Some because of religion, some for health reasons and others because of family tradition.

Australian doctors are calling for laws banning the non-essential circumcision of infant boys.

The Tasmanian Children’s Commissioner, Paul Mason, says non-medical circumcision is a breach of human rights. “There were quite a lot of folk myths around the advantages of circumcision. They’ve almost all been debunked,” Prof Walters said.

“There are some minimal advantages in some circumstances, particularly in some infectious diseases, but they’re overwhelmingly balanced by disadvantages in other areas,” he said.

Circumcision is something that many parents feel very strongly about. Dads want their sons to look the same as them and moms want their children to be clean and infection free.

We were been told by our family doctor and pediatrician, that it is not necessary to have the procedure done to achieve both of these goals.

If doctors are speaking out so strongly against this, than maybe parents should consider learning more about the issue.



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