Australia To Allow Mom And Dad To Each Take A Year Parental Leave

Australia is winning my heart one family friendly law at a time…

Last year we reported that the government offers mothers (married or single) a $5,000 bonus, tax free, when they deliver their baby and in April, an Australian company devised a plan to allow moms-to-be to insure their babies born with Down’s syndrome, spina bifida or a cleft palate.

Now, under a new employment standard, the government will allow both parents the right to 12 months’ unpaid parental leave, as long as they don’t take it at the same time.

From January 2010, employers will have to hold their jobs open and will not be able to refuse requests.

In most cases, dads will be able to take their leave when their child turns one, with the mother taking the first shift.

Same-sex couples will also enjoy the new right, under new anti-discrimination rules.

Under further changes:

ONE parent could get a 12-month extension of their parental leave — but only if their boss agrees.

PARENTS will be able to request flexible working conditions, such as part-time work, when returning.

WORKERS will be able to claim penalty rates for weekends, shift work and public holidays.

THE right to redundancy pay will be enshrined in law.

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