Australian Mom Welcomes 15lb Baby!

Just a week after a Texas mom surprised many with the arrival of a 16lb baby, an Australian mom has delivered the biggest baby born in the state in the past 10 years and one of the biggest ever in that country.

Allecia Klimo and partner Sami Elekana knew their fourth child would be “a whopper” but baby Tiarla surpassed everyone’s expectations – and she arrived two weeks early!

“I used to hear people whispering, ‘Do you think she’s having twins’ or ‘She must be about ready to pop’ when I still had a few months to go,” Ms Klimo said.

When she arrived, not-so-little Tiarla broke a few records with her more than healthy weight of 6.85kg – just shy of 15 pounds.  Even the doctor was surprised.

“He looked down at her and said, “Congratulations, you’ve just had a toddler’, Allecia recalls”

And he wasn’t joking.  Tiarla bypassed newborn clothing and is currently wearing sleepers for six-month-olds.  She also spent a few days in the neonatal special care unit with breathing difficulties because of her size – and even that was a tight fit.

“She was touching both ends of the crib.”

While many big babies are due to their mother suffering from gestational diabetes the new mom says that was not the case with her. She just “breeds them big”.

“My partner is a big unit, my sister had big babies, so we just have them big in our family,” she said.

Allecia is confident her baby girl will grow into her skin and won’t always stand out in a crowd.

“My other kids filled out nicely – I’ve just got a lot of her to cuddle in the meantime,” she laughed.

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