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Jill is a mother of four. She attends the University of West Georgia where she is pursuing her dream of becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife


Addison Beats All Odds- From 13 ounce Micropreemie to Birthday Girl

Little Addison was born three months early and weighed just 13.7 ounces. At her birth, doctors at Bay Area Hospital gave her a very slim chance of survival. Now Addison is about to celebrate her first birthday- and she is a happy and healthy little girl.


Experts Issue More Warnings About Toddlers And Pools

Experts say that it only takes twenty seconds for a toddler to drown, and the death toll in Canada is rising at an alarming rate.
Nationally, the death toll has risen from 194 in 2009 to 230 this year, and the time period that historically has the most number of drowning deaths has not yet passed.


Joy Replaces Sadness When Baby Thought To Be Stillborn Breathes

When Emergency workers arrived at a Kansas City home after a 911 call from a woman who said her daughter was in labor they were handed a bloody towel with a tiny baby inside. The woman said it was stillborn, but then the rescue worker felt a tiny foot move against her hand.


A Tiny Little Girl Named America Beats the Overwhelming Odds

America is a very special miracle baby, born to immigrant parents in Indiana. She was born at just 24 weeks gestation and weighed only 11 ounces. Doctors gave her only a 10% chance of survival at birth, but little America had other plans.


Miracle Baby Survives Metal Rod in the Head

A North Carolina toddler has amazed everyone by recovering from a potentially life threatening injury. Doctors thought there was no chance of survival when 17 month old Jessiah Jackson arrived at the hospital with a metal rod lodged in his head.


Tiny Baby Born With Rare Illness That Leaves Intestines Outside of His Body

Even though he is only 2 days only, Mason Otten is already making news.

The tiny baby was born prematurely on July 22nd and is now in St. Louis Children’s Hospital where he is being treated for gastroschesis.