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Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field and his wife Miki welcomed their third child Antonio Carlos yesterday.

The healthy 3.5-kilogram (7 lbs 11 ozs) baby was born at the RPA Women and Babies hospital after a three-hour labour, a long-awaited brother for Lucia Angela, 3, and Maria Claire, 18 months.

“He’s beautiful. He’s a lovely little boy,” the proud father said.

Field, 43, plans to tattoo his son’s name on his arm, where his daughters’ names are already inscribed. The Blue Wiggle often signed off as Antonio on the official Wiggles Message Board, but that name has now been claimed by his son. The name was partly inspired by St Anthony, as Field is a devout Catholic.

The infant’s middle name comes from the Argentinian tango crooner Carlos Gardel.

Field, who normally travels with the Wiggles for up to nine months of the year, cut short his US tour by 10 days to return home in the lead-up to the birth. His fellow band members recently appeared on the US version of the show Deal Or No Deal without him, with a video explaining the Blue Wiggle was at home awaiting the newest addition to his family.

Unlike the couple’s last dramatic arrival, when Maria was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, Antonio’s delivery was trouble free and extremely quick.

Miki had mild contractions at 7pm on Friday, arrived at the hospital at 9.15pm and Antonio was born an hour later. He was a week overdue.

Field, a diehard Wests Tigers fan, said he was looking forward to taking his son to watch his favourite football team play.

The Wiggles are Australia’s most successful entertainers. In 16 years of performing around the world, they have sold 23 million videos and 6 million albums.


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