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Baby Born in Hospital Parking Lot

Two-year-old Emma and her mom, Melanie, hold her baby brother, Shawn Photo:Teresa Ressel / Daily Journal

Some babies just cannot wait to be born. That was the case for little Shawn Mesey Jr., who only made it to the parking lot before making his grand entrance.

Mother Melanie Nepsa had already been to the hospital twice that day for contractions. Each time doctors told her it was too early still and sent her home. Only 30 minutes after the last time she was sent home, Melanie’s water broke and she rushed back to the hospital. As she was driven back, she felt her contractions getting stronger and closer together.

Ten minutes from the hospital, Melanie began to feel pressure from the baby making his way out. Her mother, Tina Skiles, was driving the car as Melanie announced that the baby was coming. Just as the car pulled into the hospital parking lot, baby Shawn was born. Melanie picked up her baby and cuddled with him to keep him warm until nurses arrived from inside the hospital. The cord was cut in the car, and mom and baby were taken inside to be checked.

“Luckily he was OK,” Melanie said. “I was panicking about that.”

During pregnancy, Melonie had hoped for a chunky baby with lots of fat rolls. Now she is glad Shawn was born on the smaller side, 5 pounds and three ounces, considering the sudden birth she had. – Summer, staff writer

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