Baby Girl makes a Chopper Entry into the World

Almost every day we hear about babies who choose to be born in parking lots or cars, but one baby decided to take the most unusual route of all and arrive in the world in a helicopter!

Lisa Clinard was at home when she began having back pain. She called her husband who called the hospital. Because she wasn’t due for a month, the medical staff sent a ground ambulance thinking that Lisa might have kidney stone.

But before she could be taken to the hospital in the ambulance, her water broke.

“At that point, they decided to bring in the helicopter, and I actually said ‘Okay, as long as I don’t give birth in a helicopter’ and they said that won’t happen,” said Lisa.

But the mother and the medical staff could not have been more wrong.

 “We assumed we had plenty of time, and we did not. She was born at 6,000 feet.”

Thankfully, flight nurse Edgar Lampano and another medical staff member were on board to help Lisa deliver safely. Lampano says he had been trained to deliver babies in helicopter during school but never thought he would be using the skill ever.

Lisa Clinard  and husband with baby Courtney

“It was a very exciting experience, and I’m just glad to hear that the mom and baby are doing great,” said Lampano.

The nurse also made sure. He paid the newborn and the mom a visit at the hospital armed with flowers and a teddy bear for the special baby girl.

Baby Courtney rose is at the Desert Regional Medical Center and under medical care as she was born at 34 weeks and five days.

“We probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them,” said Lisa, “A lot of people are like wow how cool she was born in a helicopter, but you know it really isn’t as cool as it sounds. It was scary.”

Doctors say weighing five pounds, the newborn is healthy and will be released from the hospital by next week. The family’s relatives are already calling her ‘Helicopter Rose’.




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